About Us

Industrial Packaging Corporation was founded in 1991 by Steve Cohn. Steve believed that by combining quality products with competitive pricing and excellent customer service that he would produce a strong company with a loyal customer base. Since 1991, IPC is proud to say that we have many of the same customers, and every day we are establishing relationships with new customers.

  • 1991 – Operated out of a 3,000 square foot flex-space
  • 1993 – Moved operations to a 40,000 square foot warehouse in La Vista
  • 1996 – Added a new location in Omaha with 70,000 square feet and a new corporate office
  • 1997 – Linda Cohn joins as Vice President
  • 2001 – Moved La Vista warehouse to a larger 80,000 square foot warehouse
  • 2003 – Added 60,000 square feet onto Omaha warehouse to help sustain growth
  • 2006 – Moved La Vista warehouse to a larger 150,000 square foot warehouse with extra land to accommodate future growth and better handling of existing business
  • 2009 – Created a web-based inventory management system to help streamline inventory and ordering

709 N 108th Ave
Omaha, NE 68154

10811 Skinner Dr
La Vista, NE 68128

Headquarters - 402.963.9111


709 North 108th Street
Omaha NE, 68154

South Building - 402.339.4343

South Building

10811 Skinner Dr.
La Vista NE, 68128

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