Tape Machine

Automated case closing and taping machines are a great way to reduce packaging labor while controlling materials cost. Industrial Packaging Corporation provides and services a full line of carton sealing equipment for almost any industry. Contact us today and one of our equipment specialists will help you determine which carton sealing equipment is right for the volume and type of sealing your company performs.

Uniform Semi-Automatic top↑

Operator Fed-Fixed Adjustable

The uniform semi-automatic tape machines are the most popular in the industry. These machines are perfect for sealing uniform cartons and for those needing a solution with an operator to feed and fold the flaps of the carton before entering the machine.

Random Semi-Automatic top↑

Operator Fed – Adjusts Every Case

Random semi-automatic case sealers are operator fed machines that automatically adjust for the width and height of each case processed. When your production delivers different sized cases to be processed through a single case sealer.

Uniform Automatic top↑

Operator Free-Fixed Adjustable

Uniform automatic case sealers are operator free machines that process same sized cases by folding the top four flaps of RSC style cases and taping both the top and bottom of the cases of RSC style cases. These machines are required when consistent production flow rates exceed manual processing ability or when automatic case packing is utilized.

Random Automatic top↑

Operator Free – Adjusts Every Case

Random automatic case sealers are operator free machines engineered to process random sized cases. These machines will index the flow of cases into the machine, automatically sense the size of the case, fold the top four flaps, and seal both the top and bottom. This machine is ideal if your production requires multiple lines and varying case sizes.

Water Activated top↑

Required for Water Activated Tapes

Water activated tape machines are a requirement for those using water activated tape. These are available in manual and electric table top models, or you can get them for higher speed lines in any variation of the above machines.

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