Stretch Hooder

A stretch hood is a tube of film sealed on one end, which is stretched over a palletized load to secure the contents to the pallet. The film is cut to the appropriate length, heat sealed on the top end, and gathered on four ‘fingers.’ These fingers stretch the film until the film dimensions are slightly larger than the load dimensions, then draw the stretched film down over the pallet, unrolling it as they go. At the bottom of the pallet, the fingers release the film, which typically wraps under the pallet bottom.

  • Superior Containment – high elasticity provides a strong hold around your products, resulting in excellent load stability
  • High Puncture, Tear and Abrasion Resistance – prevent film failures when wrapping irregular pallet configurations or sharp corners
  • Versatile – provides consistent seal performance in a wide range of operating conditions and equipment settings. Use one tube size for multiple pallet configurations, eliminating the need to change rolls.
  • Reduced Product Damage – with excellent load containment and high resistance to punctures and tears

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